Volkswagen Confirms Plans for Atlas Variant

Volkswagen Confirms Plans for Atlas Variant

Volkswagen is focusing on even more crossover and SUV offerings in the U.S.

Cast your mind back a month to when we discovered that Volkswagen had applied for trademarks on a bunch of names that included the word Atlas. Thanks to comments made by Hinrich Woebcken, CEO of the North American Region, we now have a clearer picture of what those might be.

Speaking at a teaser event for the Mk7 Jetta yesterday, Woebcken revealed that he wasn’t happy just leaving the Atlas as it was and wants to make another SUV for the B segment, like the Atlas.

“The Atlas family,” as he called it, is set to expand. And although he wouldn’t reveal quite what that will look like, he did say that the brand wants another volume seller, and brought up the idea of a coupe.

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With applications filed for trademarks on the names Atlas Allsport and Cross Sport, it seems that VW already has a pretty good idea what they’d like to call it.

Meanwhile, Woebcken also admitted that the company wants to make another smaller SUV based on the Tiguan for the US. Unfortunately, he was even tighter lipped about this one, but with the sub-compact SUV market heating up and the Tiguan Short Wheelbase already a thing in Europe, it would seem like the perfect opportunity to find a replacement for the Tiguan Limited.

As far as product goes, VW also confirmed that following the release of the Jetta in January, it would reveal the Passat GT and the Arteon this year, as well. In 2019 it will release an all-new North American Passat (likely MQB-based) and at least one SUV, so there’s still some time before we find out just what an Atlas or Tiguan variant will look like.

The new models are all part of a bid to maintain sales momentum in the U.S. Woebcken admitted that in the past, VW didn’t keep things fresh and exciting enough. “There were simply some years without anything new,” he said. With at least two new major reveals coming for the next three years, VW wants to nip boredom in the bud.

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