BMW is Open to Making Competition Pack Versions of its M SUVs

BMW is Open to Making Competition Pack Versions of its M SUVs

We know that BMW is in the midst of expanding its M offerings to new models in its range, but the German automaker isn’t stopping there.

Speaking to BMW M boss Frank van Meel on the floor of the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, we learned the automaker is open to developing a Competition Package for M-badged SUVs like the X5M and X6M. The ‘Competition Package’ was developed for the M3 and M4 and pulls a little extra performance out of the cars thanks to an output bump to 444 hp, lightweight seats, wider 20-inch wheels and some other subtle design touches.

“Well Competition is a strong growing market in demand, and that goes for every M,” van Meel said. “So that’s also a feature we’re going to use more often in the future. And that does not exclude SUVs.”

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The first M-badged SUV we could see getting an optional Competition Pack would be the next-generation X5, which is due next year. It’s already been spotted testing in M guise, so we know the German automaker has a new X5M in the works. Like the M3 and M4, you can expect a Competition Pack-equipped X5M to pull a little extra power out of whatever engine may motivate it and to feature different wheels, retuned suspension, and some M-branded interior touches.

BMW waited a little while to roll out a Competition Pack for its M3 and M4 models, so we’re not expecting to see a Competition version of the X5M when it debuts next year. We likely won’t see such a product for a couple years, but it’s sure good to know there’s huge demand for even faster, more performance-focused versions of M’s already unhinged products.

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