Volkswagen Golf with All-Wheel Drive Heavily Considered to Take On Subaru

Volkswagen is heavily considering adding an all-wheel-drive variant of the Golf hatchback to its North American lineup, The Truth About Cars has learned. 

Dr. Hendrik Muth, vice-president of VW’s product marketing and strategy, explained during a recent media event that the addition of 4Motion production to Volkswagen’s Puebla manufacturing facility in Mexico has opened up more possibilities, including the addition of all-wheel drive to the standard Golf hatchback. The media event Muth was speaking at was the launch of the Alltrack, itself an all-wheel drive variant of the Golf SportWagen.

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“All-wheel drive is now part of the Volkswagen DNA,” Muth said at the Alltrack launch event. When asked if an all-wheel drive version of the Golf is being considered above all other possibilities, Muth answered an affirmative “Yes.”

Volkswagen’s focus on all-wheel drive is aimed directly at Subaru, which has been incredibly successful at promoting all-wheel drive across its lineup. Subaru currently has the lowest incentive spend per sale in the industry.

Volkswagen’s newest all-wheel-drive model, the Alltrack, will launch in October.

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