The Craziest Car of the SEMA Show is a Rusty Old BMW

The Craziest Car of the SEMA Show is a Rusty Old BMW

It’s been through hell and back.


Well, maybe not literally, but this rat-rod styled BMW E28 has survived a devastating fire, not to mention more rust than one car should.

Built and owned by Mike Burroughs of, the car brought Burroughs and his website to fame a half a decade ago before being completely destroyed in a fire in 2011.

But Burroughs refused to let that stop him. Speaking to at the SEMA Show he said he felt he owed it to the car and to the people it has inspired to resurrect this car.

Known to its followers as “Rusty Slammington” the car is as unique as they come. With a complete tube frame chassis, roughly half of the body panels were re-used. Burroughs said he managed to re-create the rusty look on fresh the fresh metal using a combination of chemicals. And to complete the look the rust was treated with oil from a diesel engine.

The car also now features a unique inboard pushrod suspension designed by H&R Springs and an inline-six motor from an E34 M5 tuned to almost 500-hp.

Burroughs said the engine hasn’t even turned over yet, but he’s eager to get it out onto the track and the open road.

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