Pre-Booking Your 2020 Volkswagen ID3 Costs EUR1,000

Pre-Booking Your 2020 Volkswagen ID3 Costs EUR1,000
Having officially presented the electric ID3 on Wednesday, German carmaker Volkswagen is making the first step on the long route to electrification. With the presentation of the car came the opening of a pre-booking process, the first such technique tried by the carmaker, but one already successfully tested by other EV-makers.

Pre-Booking Your 2020 Volkswagen ID3 Costs EUR1,000

Starting May 8, customers who plan to buy the first model in the ID family can let Volkswagen know of their intentions by registering on a website and paying a €1,000 deposit. Then, they will have to wait until sometime after the Frankfurt International Auto Show, when actual binding orders can be placed.

The pre-booking process is non-binding, meaning customers will be able to cancel their request and get their money back, but only until the official ordering books are open.

Pre-booking an ID3 is available in 29 European markets, the most important of which are Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, France, the UK and Austria. In these countries alone Volkswagen targets a sales figure for the car of 100,000 units per year starting 2020.

“With the start of pan-European pre-booking for the ID.3, e-mobility at Volkswagen will become concrete for our customers. From today, everyone can take part,” said in a statement Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen executive in charge of sales.

"With the ID.3, we are making the electric car fit for mass mobility. Initially, we will electrify Europe with the ID.3 and then other regions with further electric models in the ID. family which are to follow in the near future.”

Specifically for the people placing a pre-order Volkswagen will offer a special version of the ID3, the ID3 1ST. This version will pack a medium-sized battery, the one the company believes will be the most popular, free charging for a year or a total of 2,000 kWh, voice control, and navigation system, among others.

The target prices announced by the Germans for the ID3 start at under €30,000 in Germany for the version with the smallest battery and a range of 330 km (205 miles), but the 1ST will likely retail for just under €40,000.

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