New Nissan GT-R R36 Unlikely To Get Hybrid Assistance, R37 Could Launch In 2027

New Nissan GT-R R36 Unlikely To Get Hybrid Assistance, R37 Could Launch In 2027
How old is the GT-R? If you’re talking about the Skyline, make that 50 years old. The latest generation of the GT-R is the R35, which dropped the Skyline handle in 2007.

New Nissan GT-R R36 Unlikely To Get Hybrid Assistance, R37 Could Launch In 2027

Godzilla landed in the U.S. for the 2009 model year, and since the beginning, the R35 has seen continual improvements. To this day, the GT-R is a supercar killer that accelerates as good as it handles. Does it come as a surprise this baby is one of the sweethearts of the tuning scene?

On the downside, the R35 is starting to show its age. The VR38DETT cranks out 600 ponies in the NISMO while the six-speed DCT could be better. The Acura NSX levels up to nine forward ratios while Ford has a 10-speed automatic with a torque converter. The question is, when will the R36 be introduced and what can we expect from Nissan?

Speaking to Hiroshi Tamura at the New York Auto Show, received some information in this regard. When asked about hybridization, the chief product specialist of the GT-R and NISMO said no. “Ninety-nine percent of customers” don’t want such a thing, but we’re not surprised.

The twin-turbo V6 and vehicle architecture of the R35 are hard to hybridize, and there’s another reason Nissan isn’t willing to hybridize the GT-R. More to the point, the GT-R platform is redesigned from the ground up “every 20 years” according to Hiroshi Tamura.

From the R32 to the R33 and R34 series, the GT-R used much of the same platform that Nissan rolled out in 1989. The R35 is 12 years old, and what that means for the R36 is obvious. “Tamura reminded us the R37 should debut no sooner than 2027,” so prepare for a long, long wait.

Even though the GT-R doesn’t sell a lot, Tamura is satisfied with the volume posted by the sports coupe. Sales topped 1,730 examples in 2008 in the United States, going down to 538 last year. As for the European continent, make that 1,987 in 2009 and 816 last year.

“Adding a gasoline-electric hybrid setup like the Acura NSX, Tamura said, could push the GT-R past the $200,000 mark.” At that price point, prospective customers would think twice before spending their hard-earned cash on a Nissan. After all, the Acura NSX retails at $157,500 excluding $1,800 for the destination charge. Want more examples? The Lamborghini Urus is $200,000 and the McLaren 570S retails at $188,600 in the United States.

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