Honda Recalls 1.2M Vehicles For Faulty Cable That Could Cut Rear Camera Feed

Honda Recalls 1.2M Vehicles For Faulty Cable That Could Cut Rear Camera Feed

Front view of a 2021 Honda Pilot.

It’s not every day you see a recall for over one million vehicles, but that’s the situation facing Honda. The Honda Odyssey, Pilot, and Passport could have a defective coax cable that, among other things, might cause the rearview camera to drop out while being used. The good news is that Honda makes no mention of a potential fire risk. But losing the camera while backing up could be problematic.

All total, 1,198,280 million Honda vehicles are included in the recall. Honda Odysseys from 2018-2023 are under the gun; Passport models from 2019-2023 are affected as are Pilots from 2019-2022. According to the recall, the specific problem is with the car’s Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) coaxial cable. Honda determined that this cable was “improperly designed and manufactured” and when it fails, it can cause the audio screen to flicker. Popping or crackling sounds could also occur, and the big issue is the potential for the rearview camera to cut out while in use.

This is a widespread issue for the Odyssey, Passport, and Pilot. Honda cites 273,870 warranty claims due to the problem, spanning a six-year period from May 2017 through June 2023. Of the nearly 1.2 million vehicles in the recall, it’s estimated that 50 percent could have a faulty cable. And though losing the rearview camera while using it could be risky, there are no reports of injuries resulting from the failure.

The fix is straightforward. Honda will replace the bad cable with a new one, along with a straightening cover to keep it lined up and connected to the display. Dealer notification has already begun; direct owner notification should begin later in July.

Honda hasn’t had the best year thus far when it comes to sizable recalls. This new problem is by far the largest of the bunch, but 330,000 additional Odysseys, Passports, and Pilots were recalled in March for side-mirror glass that could fall out. A half-million CR-Vs were recalled in April for rear subframe problems, and 450,000 Odysseys, CR-Vs, Insights, and Accord sedans were recalled in March for seatbelt issues.

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