Audi Hosts Self-Driving Model Car Race

Audi Hosts Self-Driving Model Car Race

Audi is once again hosting the Autonomous Driving Cup, inviting university students to come up with self-driving models. 

The cars, all 1:8 scale model Audi Q5s, will have to navigate a challenging circuit full of obstacles as fast as possible. Each team of five will be docked points for accidents, lost time or imprecise execution.

While running the course, the models will have to deal with real-world traffic conditions including avoiding obstructions automatically, dealing with crossing traffic at junctions, observing and obeying road signs, following other vehicles at a safe distance, turing left across traffic and precise parking maneuvers.

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Audi gave each of teams the basic software and two identical model cars on October 6, 2015. Like real autonomous cars, each model is fit with the necessary sensors to deal with the changing conditions. The competition will take place on March, 24.

The winning team will receive 10,000 Euros, the second-place team will get 5,000 and the third-place team will receive 1,000 Euros.

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