2020 Mercedes GLB Spied at the Nurburgring, Will Surprise People

2020 Mercedes GLB Spied at the Nurburgring, Will Surprise People
We think the GLB-Class will be the most popular thing since French toast, but interest surrounding it is limited outside of the automotive journalist crowd.

2020 Mercedes GLB Spied at the Nurburgring, Will Surprise People

Crossover buyers are probably the laziest researchers ever. They don't seem to care about easy mods, reliability surveys, and even value. That's why best-sellers like the Hyundai Tucson or VW Tiguan are among the least searched titles on our website and Google.

Will the GLB be like that? It's hard to tell at this point, but Mercedes hasn't made a dud in many years. This thing has all the appeal of the A-Class it's based on, but wrapped in a much more practical package. Heck, they're even making it in Mexico and China to keep production close to core markets.

This latest spy video from Automotive Mike shows the GLB being put through its paces. At over 16 minutes, the footage is insanely abundant. There were a few surprises, but not big ones. For example, the throaty exhaust sound caught us off guard a little considering there were no visible tips. We're probably dealing with the GLB 250, a direct rival for the new Audi Q3 and its American 2-liter turbo setup.

Over in Europe, the majority of models will have somewhere between 150 and 190 HP, thanks to Mercedes' new 2-liter diesel and the 1.3-liter that was co-developed with Renault. That partnership is rumored to be falling apart, but for the next couple of years, the GLB should still have an influx of French engine technology.

It's obvious that the normal GLB doesn't belong on the track; it leans in the corners too much. But that's a good thing if, like any normal person, you expect your CUV to be comfortable. For the hardcore folks, Mercedes is also developing an AMG GLB, which at this point is expected to be of the 300 horsepower (a GLB 35 4Matic).

The GLB is bigger and more practical than the GLA that came before it. Thanks to its upright body, the model used to be called "the baby G-Class," but we think it has way more curves. The practicality will be top-notch, thanks to sliding rear seats, wider trunk opening, and taller greenhouse.

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