2020 BMW M8 Shows a Lot of Skin at the Nurburgring

2020 BMW M8 Shows a Lot of Skin at the Nurburgring
With perfect weather for testing, BMW took out not only the M2 CS this week but also an M8 that's showing a lot more skin than usual. Production colors on a prototype are always a good sign that the official debut is imminent.

2020 BMW M8 Shows a Lot of Skin at the Nurburgring

The sexy silhouette not only took to the Nurburgring with gusto but also soaked up some Vitamin D for long enough to be filmed in detail. The YouTube video of Nordschleife spy Automotive Mike is among the best we've seen so far or the M8 since it showed up almost a year ago.

Of course, this shade of red is available on normal BMWs as well. The M8's palette will actually be dominated by frozen finishes as we see on the M5 special editions. But what we want to know is what specialists tuners like Manhart or G-Power will do to it.

The king of M cars will do almost everything, from unlocking via smartphone to blasting to 100 km/h faster than some supercars. But despite being bigger than the M6, it still won't make a great 4-seater. That's right; a 5-meter car that tight on space, which is why BMW is working on the longer Gran Coupe version as well.

We still like the normal coupe better, particularly when the Competition package will dial up the aggression and carbon content. It also means more power, at least 625 HP, though rumors talk about as much as 650. And considering BMW's S63 4.4-liter is larger than its German or Italian rivals, anything is possible.

Unlike its predecessor, the M6, this new coupe will have M-tuned xDrive to help it come with the extra power, though it can be turned to when you just want to torture some tires. Also, an 8-speed automatic is used over the 7-speed DCT for reliability reasons.

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